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Artificial Grass Cleaner

5L product code – GRASS

Our Artificial Grass Cleaner doesn’t just mask foul odours, it breaks them down at their source. This gives your lawn a longer-lasting freshness as it replaces those stubborn pet smells with a fresh cut lawn scent!

What the product does

Our 3-in-1 Formula Cleans, Deodorises, and Disinfects Artificial Lawns. This super-effective artificial grass cleaner is the best way to get your artificial lawn looking like new again! It cleans, deodorises, and disinfects all in one treatment. It can clean up pet odours and fouling, bird droppings, dirt, and much more!

How it works

Powerful raw materials work by breaking down bad odours and soiling to get to the source of the issue quickly and effectively without the need for scrubbing. Simply spray, leave to work and rinse.

How to use the product

Mix 1-part Artificial Grass Cleaner with 10 parts water. If the area is heavily soiled, it can be used stronger and even neat.
Apply liberally to your artificial grass using a pump sprayer or watering can and leave for 20 minutes. Keep pets and children away from the area during this time.
Rinse the area thoroughly.
Wait for the area to dry completely before allowing pets and children back onto the area.


Suitable for all artificial lawns. Can also be used on patios, stonework, and slabbed areas.

Additional benefits

Our formula is completely safe to use in homes with pets, so it’s perfect for dog owners! Just make sure your lawn has completely dried out after use before allowing pets back onto the area.

Unique selling point

Will leave behind a lasting fresh cut lawn fragrance.