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Pet Magic Carpet Cleaner

5L product code – MAGIC
25L product code – MAGIC25

Pet Magic Carpet Cleaner thoroughly deep cleans your carpets and upholstery, removing tough stubborn stains, neutralising odours, and leaving them smelling beautifully fresh.
Purrrfect for use in homes with pets!

What the product does

Using a mix of specialist surfactants, cleaning agents and essential oils, Pet Magic Carpet Cleaner not only cleans but leaves the area smelling fresh like Fresh Linen. Best of all, Pet Magic Carpet Cleaner is hazardous free making it the perfect cleaner for Pet owners. Compatible with all extraction carpet cleaners it is a must for your kitchen cupboard.

How it works

Pet Magic Carpet Cleaner is a unique, hazardous free formula that will leave carpets as good as new!

How to use the product

Mix your cleaning solution with water as directed below.
Heavy soiling – Mix 1:1 (1 part solution with 1 part water).
Medium soiling – Mix 1:5
Light soiling – Mix 1:10
Remove excess liquid or soiling with a damp cloth or similar before applying.
Spray the affected area with your cleaning solution or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if using with a carpet cleaning machine:
Please keep pets and young children away from the area during this time, they can return once the area is dry.


It is suitable for use on carpets and upholstery and can be used with all carpet cleaners or by hand.

Additional benefits

Hazardous free and suitable for use with Pets. Pets are safe to re-enter once the carpet is dry.

Unique selling point

Hazardous free, Suitable for Pet owners, Concentrated.