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Hello and welcome to… Flow

Flow is the home to powerful liquid solutions, as a UK based chemical manufacture, we make everything from Pet Disinfectant to Rust Remover.

We manufacture products for five main sectors, being, the Camping and Caravanning industry which includes products such as our Blue and Pink Caravan Toilet Cleaner. We have a wide range of Garden and Outdoor Care products, such as our Power Tomato Feed and Outdoor Cleaner and Disinfectant. We also manufacture products for Home Maintenance and the Pet Industry, where you can find our Magic Pet Disinfectant or even Sink and Drain Unblocker. Flow are excited to announce that we have launched a new range of liquid solutions this year, which is our Automotive Care range, this is where you can get anything from our Cherry Snow Foam to our Bleeding Wheel Cleaner.

Since the business began in 2022, we have only seen the company go from strength to strength, and Flow has gained an excellent reputation of providing cost effective, quality liquid solutions within the chemical manufacture industry.

Flow was started by Charlotte and Simon, who both had a vision to build a company that could tick all the boxes for ANY consumer shopping for liquid solutions online.

Flows journey began on a sunny day in Radcliffe on Trent under a large gazebo. The first two chemical solutions to be manufactured were the Blue and Pink Caravan Toilet Cleaner. These two products became hugely successful, and you can see that they were the inspiration for Flow’s logo which reference these first two products and how important they are to Flow.

The success of our Blue and Pink Caravan Toilet Cleaner meant that, soon, our trusty gazebo became too small for a growing chemical manufactures company and it was time to move to a new business premises where Flow could sustainably grow as a new chemical liquid solutions manufacture.

We found the place that Flow now calls home in just one viewing and although we had picked the hottest day of the year to move, we were excited to start stage 2 of Flow’s development. So, 300 bottles of water later were in our new HQ and ready to start pushing the business, expand our production, implement new systems and most importantly, welcome our new staff to the Flow Family.

Today Flow is a very professional business built on the initial concept by Simon and Charlotte. We ensure to always keep quality, professionalism and excellent conditions for staff at the forefront of everything we do as we move froward and grow the business, but, most importantly we will never lose the values that have been instrumental in the success of Flow so far.

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