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Screen Wash

5L product code – SCREEN2
25L product code – SCREEN225

Screen wash for all seasons. Non-smear formula. Clears traffic film and dirt. Removes insect deposits.

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What the product does

Screen wash is the perfect economical screen wash for all seasons. The formula has been developed with high quality alcohols to clear traffic film, dirt, insect deposits and leave a clean, smear free finish.

How it works

Screen wash breaks down soiling allowing the wiper blades to easily wipe away and leave a clean, smear free finish.

How to use the product

No dilution required. Add straight to your washer tank.


Suitable for all vehicles and washer tanks.

Additional benefits

Added Apple fragrance.

Unique selling point

Added Apple fragrance.

Additional information


25 Liters, 5 Liters

Pack Size

Carton, Half Pallet, Pallet